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As a UX and Brand Designer with seven years of experience, I specialize in integrating graphic design, brand identity, and UX/UI design. My skill set includes leading teams, driving design projects, and transforming complex concepts into user-friendly, visually appealing solutions.

My academic background in Graphic Design and a Master's in UX Design has equipped me with a versatile approach to design challenges. Proficient in various design tools, I excel in both brand indentity development and digital interface design.

I am excited about future opportunities in UX and brand design, where I can continue to innovate and enhance user experiences, aligning them with evolving digital trends and business goals.

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2019-January 2024
Web & brand designer
  • Led the creative direction for a rapidly growing e-commerce brand, resulting in a 35% increase in online engagement and year-over-year sales growth through brand identity guidelines development, digital campaigns, and multimedia content, while establishing and expanding brand identity systems for a cohesive identity across all digital platforms.
  • Led UX design for the Zinus e-commerce site, resulting in a 20% increase in conversion rates and a 30% increase in user engagement through extensive user research and usability testing.
  • Innovated the visual design for product launches and seasonal marketing campaigns, incorporating user feedback and analytics to refine visual content and messaging, achieving higher conversion rates.
2018 - 2019
lead graphic designer
  • Developed and executed a brand redesign (Vas Latin) and a brand refresh (Mobile SuitCase) that aligned with strategic business goals, leading to a 30% increase in lead generation.
  • Collaborated with product and engineering teams to design intuitive user interfaces for B2B SaaS products, improving user engagement and operational efficiency.
  • Led the creative concept and design for marketing collateral, trade shows, and corporate events, which improved brand visibility and industry positioning.
2016 - 2017
graphic designer
  • Contributed to branding and advertising design solutions for small and medium-sized business clients, receiving acclaim for creative design thinking and execution.

Things I can do


  • Discovery & Research
  • Brand Strategy & Architecture
  • Positioning


  • Brand Development & Rebranding
  • Logo & Identity Systems
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Creative Direction

User Experience

  • UI/UX Design
  • User Testing
  • Wireframing / Prototyping
  • Design Systems


Design & Development

Alejandro Tercero


Chaney by atipo®

Pangram Sans by PangramPangram®

Neue Machina by PangramPangram®

Futura PT by Paratype

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